Dermot Horgan

I’ve been a career intellectual property lawyer for over 20 years and enjoy solving complex problems for my clients. It’s what I know, what I hope to do well, and it’s what I am always striving to do better. I know I still have much to learn. I take great pride and satisfaction in helping clients achieve creative outcomes that work for today and for years to come.

I assist clients in all aspects of copyright, trademark and trade secret law in the U.S. and throughout the world. In fact, in my career I’ve worked on client matters in every country on earth. I also work on litigation and licensing, always with one main goal in mind–getting my clients the best result.

Recently, I was brought into an ongoing 20-year old multi-jurisdictional legal battle, and in a short time I helped my client achieve a great result. For several clients I have recovered their house marks in China from pirates. And I have achieved an excellent outcome for a developing company challenged by a gorilla-sized trademark bully in the U.S.

I come from a small town in a small country. I learned there that into every success goes a whole lot of hard work. This principle has served me well as an attorney. I’m always ready to dive in with both feet and to work with energy and momentum for my clients. I know that by doing so, I’ll do right by them and accomplish the best outcomes.


  • J.D., DePaul University College of Law
  • Barrister at Law, Kings Inns Dublin, Ireland
  • B.C.L. University college Cork, Ireland


  • State of Illinois Bar
  • U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois
  • New York State Bar
  • Trial Bar in the Republic of Ireland

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